Frequently Asked Questions

What is CancerAid?

CancerAid was founded in 2015 by cancer specialists who saw the struggles their patients went through during their care programs. Our aim is to empower people living with cancer to achieve the best possible health outcomes. We launched the CancerAid Coach Program to support and empower people affected by cancer toward a healthier tomorrow, today.

CancerAid is a free app that can help you better organise your cancer care by:

Accessing medically reliable information
Tracking your symptoms and personal experiences
Monitoring your activity and exercise
Reading articles and resources from other patients who might have gone through similar experiences

To download the CancerAid app, go to

What is the CancerAid Coach Program?

The CancerAid Coach Program is an innovative 6-week program designed to help individuals have better control of their cancer timeline.

The program is based on clinically-proven science (evidence-based medicine) and focuses on guiding participants towards reaching better outcomes in their cancer care.

CancerAid brings together the individualised attention of professional health coaches with a researched curriculum and manageable but powerful goals.

In addition to the CancerAid app, the CancerAid Coach Program includes:

Access to a CancerAid Health Coach who will periodically check in with you over the phone
A series of informative articles based on clinically-proven science aimed to improve cancer outcomes
Motivational articles written by other patients describing their experiences (exercise, mindfulness, personal experiences etc)
Access to the award-winning CancerAid app, with the ability to track symptoms, medications & activity

Who can access the CancerAid Coach program?

Any patient who has or had a cancer diagnosis can participate in the program. To use the app, you will require an iOS (Apple smartphone) or Android smartphone.

The CancerAid program offers personalised information and support to a patient at any stage of their treatment timeline; someone who recently had a diagnosis, is on treatment or has completed treatment.

This program is sponsored by your insurance company to help support you during this period. Please contact your insurer to see if you are eligible for this program.

What is the relationship between my insurance company and CancerAid?

CancerAid is an award-winning independent company and the CancerAid Coaching Program is paid for by your insurance provider to support you.

Will my individual data be passed on to the insurance company?

You have control of your personal information and what you do with it. We do not give any personally identifiable information to the company that referred you to this program, unless you specifically tell us that we may do this, or the information is in an aggregated form and has had all personally identifiable information stripped from it. You can read CancerAid’s privacy policy at

Will this affect my claim, payout or future policy?

If you consent to, information from the CancerAid Coach Program may allow your insurer to connect you with other health and wellbeing programs offered by the insurer. None of the information you disclose within CancerAid or to the Health Coaches will otherwise be used to help for or against your claim.

How do I sign up to CancerAid Coach?

With your consent, your insurance company will pass on your contact details to a member of the CancerAid team who will contact you at a convenient time.

The initial contact will be via email, followed by an introductory call. The introductory call with explain the program in detail to you, and the clinically-proven strategies in the program that will support you.

What is the cost of the program?

The CancerAid coach program is free for you. All associated costs are 100% covered through your insurance plan.

How do I get started?

You can download the free CancerAid app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.To access the program, you will need to provide consent via your claims assessor team.

Who are the coaches?

CancerAid Coaches are healthcare professionals who have had experience providing care to patients with cancer. Your coach will support you to create a personal care plan and help you make more educated decisions about your health.

The coach is not a replacement for the medical care team and will not provide any advice on diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or improvement of your clinical condition.

How do I communicate with my coaches?

You will start by having an introductory call with your health coach. Following this call, your health coach will check in with you every week via text message and every second week you will get to speak over the phone.

Your health coach is available to guide and support you throughout the program, so how you communicate depends on your own needs and preferences.

What are the lessons like?

The Coach Program provides you with access to five educational modules. These modules have been designed with leading cancer experts from around the world. The modules provide you with the tools and information you need to improve control of your cancer treatment timeline.

The lessons will cover topics including Symptom Management, Exercise, Diet & Nutrition, Sleep and Living Well With Cancer.

What happens at end of the Coach Program?

At the end of the Coach Program you will retain full access to the CancerAid app including all the information you entered.
This information will not be deleted at the end of the program, so you can continue to use the app free of charge.

Once the program is complete, you will no longer have direct access to the Health Coach.

However you can always contact a member of the CancerAid team if any assistance with the app is required by emailing: [email protected]

You may be asked to fill in a short feedback survey following the completion of the Coach Program, although this is not obligatory. This survey helps improve the program for other cancer patients in the future.

What am I supposed to do?

You are not required to prepare anything for the Coach Program. It is designed to provide you with support. Your Health Coach will provide you with tips to improve your understanding and to help you manage your own condition.

What is the time commitment?

Participation in the CancerAid Coach Program requires 6 weeks of involvement at your own pace and convenience. During the first 6 weeks, you will complete weekly lessons, record any symptoms or experiences, communicate regularly with your health coach, and practice what you learn.

This can take 30 to 60 minutes each week, although it may take more time implementing lifestyle changes. Fortunately, the online format means the time you spend is flexible and can be easily adapted to suit your schedule.

What if I want to cancel?

Based on positive feedback we have received from patients, we believe you will find our program useful, but we understand that the realities can make it difficult to fully commit.

You can cancel at any time you wish by contacting us at [email protected]

What privacy measures are in place?

We understand that your personal health is private, and we take that seriously. You can find out more by reading our Privacy Policy.